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Our Products

Utilising our extensive expertise in applications for sugar, the sucrosolutions™ products were developed to provide the wastewater treatment industry with a suitable alternative to other existing forms of carbon dosing.

D. Nitro™
D.Nitro™ is the standard product provided by sucrosolutions™.  It performs well for most treatment plants that require additional carbon dosing.

sucrosolutions™ products provide a sustainable and safe carbon dosing solution to wastewater treatment plants.  Extracted and refined from sugar cane within Australia, our products are natural with the added benefits of being simple to handle, store and use.

D. Nitro UV™
Derived from 100% sugarcane, our premier product, D.Nitro UV™ is a very low colour variant designed for optimal operation when UV treatment of wastewater discharge is required.  For treatment plants where low turbidity is required, D.Nitro UV™ provides the assurance required for meeting colour requirements.

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