Using Sucrose for Biological Sulphate Reduction

A study comparing sucrose, ethanol and methanol as carbon and energy sources for biological sulphate reduction.                                              aa

Assessment of Substrate Removal Characteristics

This study assess substrate removal characteristics according to acclimitisation periods by OUR and NUR tests. The substrates considered were by-products of sugar refining and the fine chemical industry as well as methanol.


Kinetic Considerations of Denitrification with Carbon Addition

This study looks into the kinetics involved in denitrification using an external carbon source. Methanol is primarily studied, although the efficacy of alternate subtrates like sucrose, ethanol and acetate are also considered.


Give Your Denitrification Bugs a Sugar High

This paper looks into an alternative substrate to methanol for tertiary denitrification. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) was identified as the most cost effective alternative, which would also be much safer to handle.


Denitrification Study Sucrose vs Ethanol

This paper embarks on a benchmarking exercise to determine the effectiveness of sucrose as a carbon supplement for denitrification in comparison to that for ethanol.


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